I am a trans woman who at the age of 32 had the left side of her nose surgically removed and reconstructed using skin from her forehead. I believe this has granted me some unique insights into trauma, identity, prejudice, and gender, the sharing of which I hope might in some sense help others - if not to better understand themselves, at least know a little more of these perhaps not unexpectedly complex ideas.

This is me

That at least is the short version whilst the longer is likely best understood to be imprecisely manifest amongst the pages written here - as whatever we are, however we are interpreted (for good or ill) will always and inevitably overflow the labels we have chosen to define ourselves, or had imposed upon us; so I wonder if it isn't disingenuous to even try.

Except perhaps to say this: whilst not a reluctant writer, I have always been a reluctant spokesperson, unconvinced that my own voice is possessed of such singular insight that it deserves to be heard above others; but I now find myself so frequently misrepresented and intentionally misunderstood, the debate around my rights, about even the validity of my existence so utterly degraded by the most debased tropes of ignorant and mundane sophistry (on both sides) that I feel compelled to take a stand for the simplicity of reason against the intractable and unquiet legions of baseless rhetoric.